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Henna, Or Mehndi as it is sometimes called – is a natural dye that is derived from a subtropical plant of the same name. It has been traditionally used to create beautiful temporary tattoos for weddings and other joyful events in Asian, Arab and African cultures for hundreds of years. In recent times the art of henna has experienced a growth in popularity across all cultures due to its beauty and natural quality.

Ahlam Al Banat Henna Design

At our luxury Henna Salon in Dubai, we apply stunning henna patterns and designs, spreading the word about this beautiful form of skin art. We have professional bridal henna experts and artist with over 10 years of experience, based in Dubai.

We offer a variety of henna designs for any kind of event like bridal henna, party, event, engagements, fashion, tv, models, corporate events, personal appointments, parties for women and children, birthday party events, holiday events, and many more. We guarantee a beautiful henna color with the benefit that it is 100% natural.

For price, offers, deals, packages, queries contact us or book your consultation directly at Ahlam Al Banat.

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