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Want smokey or shimmery eye makeup? Ahlam Al Banat stylist work their magic with their brushes to create the look that you desire!

Your stylist will arrive at your home at the designated time and will ask where to set up her products and equipment. A comfortable chair next to a table with good lighting will be the ideal place for your service.

She will have a short consultation session with you regarding your skin type. For best results make sure your face is washed and moisturiser free.

The love for makeup is universal

Who doesn’t love makeup? Every woman does and each of them loves it for different reasons. Some women prefer putting on make-up every day while some do it occasionally. For some, it’s a need while some consider putting on makeup as a luxury. Some women like to just put on lipstick and maybe some mascara while some believe that makeup is incomplete without a base, powder, blush and kajal.

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