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Get smooth and silky skin! Our quick and professional waxing removes unwanted hair. The effects last for between 3-4 weeks – depending on the rate of hair growth.

Your beautician will arrive at your home at the designated time and will ask where to set up her products and equipment.

For best results gently exfoliate your skin a day or two before waxing. On the day of your waxing session avoid moisturizing as it will impact the wax’s grip!

Why should you opt for waxing as a hair removal procedure?

Waxing for women is great when it comes to slower regrowth of hair. This is because each and every hair is pulled from the root. This is why hair removal wax is a wonderful means of attaining a smooth skin for a long period of time. 

Wax hair removal at home helps bring back hair that are progressively finer and sparse. Hair removal wax weakens hair follicles and weak hair follicles produce fine hair.

Eyebrow waxing is far more convenient than threading or shaving. Eyebrow waxing saves you from all those nicks and cuts you might get while shaping them up with a razor or thread. Same goes with face waxing at home. Threading and razor might take long and be harmful but a face waxing at home helps reduce all those risks.

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